Bullying: Let's talk about it

Not only does bullying have a detrimental effect on children’s health, wellbeing and learning, it can also make them feel sad, lonely and frightened. It affects how well they do at school and many children carry the effects of bullying into adulthood. But it’s not just the children who are being bullied who are affected, it also impacts on children who see others being bullied – it makes them feel worried and uncomfortable. Children who bully others are also more likely to have problems and be unhappy.

Ace, A Horsey Tail of Courage encourages children to speak-up and report incidents of bullying whether they are a victim or witness of bullying or even if they are a bully - while reinforcing the message that every child matters. It’s common for parents to feel powerless when their children are being bullied and because parents play a vital role in supporting their children, we’ve provided resources in the book to help you talk about bullying with your child.

We are very grateful to BullyingFreeNZ for working with us to help create not only a beautiful storyline, but also a tool for Parents, whanau, schools and the wider community. No one can do well when they feel bullied and talking about it has benefits for the future of everyone.